Bucharest Seminar Presentations

Bucharest Seminar Presentations

Ragnhild Rønneberg – The power of ACT

Roman Berenblyum – Eco-Base Project

Roman Berenblyum – CCS in Europe
S1-1010-ECOBASE_Bucharest_Berenblyum-CCS status

Michael Godec – U.S. Approach for Incentivizing Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
S2-1130-ECOBASE_Bucharest_Godec-CCUS US approach

Ingvild Ombudstvedt  – CCUS: legal issues
S2-1150-ECOBASE_Bucharest_Ombudstvedt_CCUS legal issues

Lydia Rycroft – Overcoming Regulatory Constraints for CO2-EOR in EU Member States
S2-1210-ECOBASE_Bucharest_Rycroft-Regulatory constraints

Dr. Amuliu Proca – Industrial Perspective of CCUS in Romania
S3-1420-ECOBASE_Bucharest_Proca-Industrail Perspectives

Dr. Caglar Sinayuc – Regulatory aspects of CO2 EOR and Storage in Turkey

Christian Bos – ‘EORstore’: “Closing the chain”: how to develop a FOAK business case for all actors involved?
S4-0900-ECOBASE_Bucharest_Bos-Closing the chain

Michael Godec – CCUS: Scaling Up – Barriers and Enabling Elements for Building Infrastructure
S4-0940-ECOBASE_Bucharest_Godec-Business Models

Christian Bos – CO2-EOR decision-making: Mutual dependencies between Government and Operator

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